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Are you looking to protect your business by installing secure and effective surveillance services? Then CCT Dubai is the solution you are looking for. With the supply and installation of cameras built with advanced technology, CCTV surveillance is one of the most cost-effective, time-effective, and quality CCTV service providers in the UAE.  Why could you need CCTV surveillance?

Protect your Home in UAE

If you are someone who cannot keep an eye out for everything in your house, or you want to know the identity of the person before they visit you, or you want to know the cause of illicit activities in your neighborhood, then CCTV Dubai, with their quality services can install surveillance cameras either on the location of your choice or an optimized location chosen by our experts and install a camera there, to secure your home.

Protect your office in Dubai

Surveillance system could be an excellent way for small businesses to cut down on costs of keeping security guards. Besides, with CCTV Dubai, you can determine the optimal location of a surveillance camera or cameras and install cameras there to determine the efficiency and productivity of your employees.

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School CCTV Systems

It is important to have protected schools, not only to protect students, but also to protect property. If there are surveillance cameras in different locations, then the administration can quickly determine the cause of any property damages, theft, or conflicts, etc. Therefore, CCTV Dubai provides various surveillance services to schools.

CCTV services are not just limited to businesses, home, and schools, but we provide security services to an extensive network of customers, ranging from banking to hospitality, to institutions, etc.


CCTV Dubai’s mission is to provide high-quality CCTV products and installation services to its clients and build long-term and secure relationships with their client base.


Our vision is to provide high-quality services to our clients to make them safe and secure, just like we would want our business and home to be safe and secure.

CCTV Products in Dubai

CCTV Dubai provides a wide range of products that can be employed to provide cost-effective security solutions to businesses and homes. Our products include a wide range of technological products, that include but are not limited to IP cameras, Analog cameras, HDCVI cameras, Network video recorders, and digital video recorders of renowned brands.

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Our expert team has built perfect security solutions with our CCTV suppliers and installation solutions to vast network based in Dubai, and thus have gained their reputation of one of the best CCTV service providers in UAE. The renowned brands we deal with include but are not limited to Samsung CCTV, Hikvision CCTV, Vivotek, Axis, Dahua CCTV, Grandstream, CP Plus, and Bosch products.

Our products are not just based on supplies and installation, but also maintenance services. We have the infrastructure and expert team available who provides quality maintenance services, so our clients never have to worry about keeping their security process intact. We believe that maintenance services are as essential as installation services; therefore, we have built an efficient infrastructure based on our years of experience and effective products to provide cost-effective products to our customers.

CCTV Services in Dubai

CCTV Dubai does not only supply CCTV equipment, but we provide a wide range of services ranging from CCTV supplies to CCTV installation services. Our products are quality products supplied by renowned brands such as Axis, Samsung, GrandStream, Hikvision, Dahua, and Bosch, etc. With our quality service delivery and an extensive client network we provide high-quality cameras and equipment to our clients at cost-effective prices, that do not only keep their homes and businesses secure but also keep their pockets safe. Currently, our primary services are:

CCTV Suppliers in Dubai

We have an extensive network of clients, and we sell CCTV cameras to different institutions and businesses.

CCTV Installation in Dubai

In addition to selling CCTV equipment, CCTV Dubai provides effective installation services at cost-effective prices.

CCTV maintenance in Dubai

Do you have an existing CCTV system that has broken down? Then, you don’t need to worry anymore because CCTV Dubai provides effective maintenance services, and instead of replacing your existing systems with costly new systems, you can hire CCTV Dubai to fix and maintain your CCTV cameras.

Our services are designed based on trust, transparency, and cost-effectiveness so that we can build long-term relations with our clients by providing them with quality products and services.

Why Choose CCTV Dubai?

CCTV Dubai is your trusted partner for all your security needs because we provide cost and time effective services to our clients. Our service delivery process does not end with just installing the security cameras, but it includes a lot more, before and after selling. We have designed our services based on strong data analytics and technological solutions. At CCTV Dubai, we provide customized, tailored made solutions to our customers, that could satisfy all their security needs.

First of all, for providing installation services, we analyze our customers’ demands and requirements, and then we examine what would be the optimal locations for different cameras, and suggest installation services to our clients based on the location, clients’ demands, and requirements. Once the installation is complete, our clients are technologically able to view and record every moment and no longer will they have to deal with thefts, inefficiency, or lack of productivity.

Secondly, we at CCTV Dubai understand that the cctv installation process does not end with the launch of the product, we give our clients a testing period in which they can test the products and analyze if the products suit their needs or whether they will need to change the location, etc. Moreover, we provide continuous maintenance services that our clients can avail to keep their security systems up to date.

With CCTV Dubai, we can assure you that with years of experience in the industry, we will sell you products that are optimal for your business and position the cameras at strategic locations to enable you to achieve the level of surveillance you want.

CCTV Dubai’s team has built an extensive network of clients due to years of experience in the industry and provision of quality services and products. By choosing CCTV Dubai, you can ensure that the services you are getting will be tailored precisely according to your needs and demands.

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