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All over the world today, one challenge every society is faced with is that of security. Robbery, hostage-taking, terrorist attacks to name but few appear to be the order of the day globally. There is hardly any day when there no cases of one of two of the above in various countries across the globe.

In the face of these entire scenarios, one question that is on the lips of business owners is, – what do I do to reduce security risks in my business? How do I ensure my family and businesses don’t get attacked now or in the future? These questions must be properly addressed by anyone who intends to secure his business and environment.

samsung cctv dubaiEvery right thinking business owner would always think of how to improve his business’ security measures. It is especially important to upgrade your security system as your business expands. In other words, the bigger your business; the stronger your security system. It is, however, unfortunate that analog security measures would not give the desired result. This is because it can be easily breached and compromised. It is therefore important to seek advanced security surveillance measures. This is where CCTV comes in.

Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) refers to a security system where the circuit in which the video footage is transmitted is closed are all the devices are connected directly. This is different from broadcast television where any connected receiver who is rightly tuned has the privilege to pick and display / store signals.

As intended by its makers, the most popular use of CCTV is primarily for security. It is widely used in financial institutions, government agencies, retail stores and other public places.

CCTV camera security system is very useful in helping us protect our home and valuables. With a CCTV camera you can monitor ongoing process and even see the previous ones that system must have recorded. Employers install CCTV cameras in offices to put an eye on employees to monitor their commitment to work, behavior sincerity. Parents install it in their homes to check what their kids do behind them and see who enters the house when they are away.

Government in some countries use CCTV along streets and major roads to enforce traffic laws, monitor traffic patterns, react to accident promptly and to make effective plans on necessary construction projects.

samsung cctv supplier dubaiAlso, in an attempt to tackle world terrorism, most airports and railway stations across the globe have active CCTV cameras monitoring all activities in their respective facilities. All of the foregoing are clear indications that the significance of CCTV cuts across all sectors and works of life.

According to D-Tect, an online security blog, it is observed that wherever CCTV camera is openly used, it serves well in checking public order offences. Also, CCTV helps security operatives in investigation and eventual prosecution of offenders. For instance, the cameras installed in Bootle shopping centre sometime in 1993 picked the 3-year-old James Bulger, when he was taken away by the two 10-year-olds who murdered him. With this, the Police knew they were in search of two youths and not an adult kidnapper.

Similarly, detectives who were able to sight a nail bomber in April 1999 responsible for the death of three persons in 13 days in the city of London, admitted that CCTV cameras provided the major breakthrough in the case investigation.



When you finally decide to install CCTV in your house or business premises, it is always good to patronize branded products. However, among all the top brands in CCTV business, one stands out and that is Samsung CCTV Sytems.

Samsung is a multinational conglomerate with its headquarter is Samsung town, Seoul in South Korea. Founded by Lee Byung-Chul in 1938 as a trading company, Samsung has several affiliated businesses. Its initial interest areas include textiles, insurance, food processing, securities and so on.

Samsung ventured into the electronics manufacturing business in the late 1960s. Its dominance in the industry is what we all can attest to today. Almost every household has at least one of the following Samsung products; television, Home theatre, mobile phone, electric iron, ceiling/standing fan, desktop and laptop computers among others.

One of those other Samsung electronic devices is CCTV. Just as it did in other in other electronic markets, Samsung has proved its worth in the CCTV security system. Samsung cameras and accessories are made with high quality. They are widely known to be apt for any type of surveillance be it indoor or outdoor.

Vendor digitals is a household name in Dubai as far as distribution and installation of CCTV is concerned. It is popularly known as the Samsung CCTV distributor in Dubai.

Being leaders in CCTV distribution in the UAE capital, we provide solutions to any kind of complex security situations. We currently have varieties of Samsung cameras designed to suit your security needs.

Basically, CCTV cameras come in two kinds and they are Analog and IP versions.

samsung cctv dealers in dubaiSAMSUNG ANALOG CAMERAS

You should go for this camera if your surveillance need involves having a camera attached to monitor activities around your homes and businesses. With this camera, your security concerns are handled in an effective and efficient manner. They come in such types as fixed domes, UTP cameras, bullet cameras and PTZ cameras among others. Their unique features include privacy masking, high resolution, noise reduction and so on.


Everyone knows that the future of security surveillance lies in IP products. Samsung IP camera is getting more and more popular by the day due to its great features. With all its advanced functionalities, there is no doubt this camera is just perfect for today’s security demands. The various models in which it comes are wireless cameras, fixed domes, box cameras, bullet cameras, fisheye cameras and the list goes on. The common features of a Samsung IP camera are motion detection, remote compatibility, digital image stability, night vision, backlight compensation and so on.

          One other vital Samsung CCTV security system accessory is the Samsung Video Recorder which is either Network Video Recorder (NVR) or Digital Video Recorder (DVR).


Samsung Network Video Recorder (NVR) plays crucial roles in IP surveillance systems. A typical NVR has the capability to initiate simultaneous recording, live view, initiate alarms, remote access of live streaming and other IP cameras’ facilities; all personalized for the purpose of providing wonderful viewing. Samsung Network Video recorder is packed with advanced features to actively manage the client’s environment against various surveillance situations both remotely and onsite.


A DVR has the capability to record video streaming from the analog surveillance systems in digital format. Managing the analog videos in digital is a great option and in order to exploit this, Samsung has presented itself with Digital Video recorder that opens up all possibilities in CCTV surveillance in a wonderful way.

Being the top Samsung distributor in Dubai, Vector Digitals has several years of experience in providing quality solutions to the industries in Dubai and other emirates such as Abu Dhabi, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Al Ain, Umm Al Quwain and Ajman

Dubai is a popular city in the world and it hosts different people from nations in the globe. It is among the major destinations for vacations and tourism. Such a city, therefore, requires good security system for businesses, citizens and guests. With the Samsung Security systems, Vector Digitals manages to offer solutions to industries such as retail stores, corporate organizations, health care facilities, hotels and more. Apart from security cameras, Samsung goes to the length of bringing other security products which can be applied for planning a complete CCTV security system in Dubai.

Therefore, if you have opted for CCTV, then it is only wise to get the systems installed by Vector Digitals; a top CCTV solution provider across the whole of United Arab Emirate. Being a major Samsung CCTV Distributor in Dubai and the environment, we offer a complete CCTV solution for businesses and homes across United Arab Emirate. Get in touch with us for CCTV products purchase and after sales services including Installation.

Vector Digitals has a team of able technical experts on ground for CCTV Camera Installations, Maintenance, Repair, and other services. In short, what we do is provide you with Samsung CCTV and get it Installed for you at affordable prices. Also, we provide standard digital security and CCTV camera solutions for industries, hotels, Schools, banks, factories, health care institutions, hospitals, public halls, and other public places.

Vector Digitals delivers a comprehensive range of CCTV System with IP cameras, Analogue CCTV Cameras and IP network-based CCTV Systems. The effectiveness and efficiency of Samsung CCTV security cameras have resulted in more distribution into major international airports, schools, private organizations, government projects, industrial and commercial facilities. Also, small retailers and private individuals now use CCTV cameras in their stores and homes respectively throughout Dubai.

Contact Vector Digitals for CCTV Systems today and receive professional advice on all that relates to your security surveillance. Also, get information on how we can assist in your CCTV surveillance Installation and security camera needs to ensure that your most valuable assets are protected.

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