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Being known as the specialist in the CCTV security systems, Hikvision brings advanced CCTV security systems to the world of surveillance. The security systems include Network cameras or IP cameras, Digital video recorder, Analog camera and Network reader. Hikvision CCTV security systems are tailored to meet the various vertical security applications which can be best utilized in the industries such as the retail, banking, hospitality and other leading industrial applications. The camera systems and recording systems offers the most sophisticated level of surveillance against all lighting conditions and in all environments both internally and externally

The Hikvision has the well-known portfolio of CCTV security products that bring an end to your security concerns.


Hikvision IP cameras are the perfect choice of cameras that you can choose for your IP surveillance applications. With these IP cameras, you can have a much refined overall security. These systems are blessed with matured and intelligent technology. In terms of benefits and productivity HIKVISION IP cameras are really a worth to your business. It comes in different versions which include thermal cameras, panoramic camera, phasing out camera and so on.

Why it is so important for your business or home? Its features tell the reason.

High definition resolution

HD real time video

PoE facility

Compact and stylish design

Good Night vision

Weather proof casing

Can be used in all situations and applications


The Hikvision analog cameras are the perfect choice for those who like to go for analog security systems. Since it is highly beneficial, it will be a good choice for the SMB’s. These cameras have been designed to meet the various surveillance needs; so in a nutshell, it produces the result you have desired at an affordable budget. Hikvision Analog cameras really are the choice that bring solutions to your security worries. It comes in varied types and includes the Turbo HD camera, CCD camera HD-SDI camera.


Good Night Vision

Smart IR and wide range

Quality video image output

Suitable for low light conditions

Good design

Hikvision NVR

Hikvision network video recorder is used in conjunction with the IP cameras (third party as well) where it permits the system to manage and store the video data in an efficient way. These NVRs can be managed remotely and through LAN or internet. It has been designed to render optimum performance for the management of videos. These qualities make the system more suitable to wide surveillance applications.

Consider the features of Hikvision NVRs.

Designed to Support third party cameras

HD video recording

Dual gigabit network interfaces

HDMI output

HIKVISION Digital Video Recorder

Hikvision Digital video recorder is used in pair with analog cameras. It basically transforms the analog signals to digital form and send to the disk for storage. With Hikvision DVR and analog camera, you can experience a quality surveillance.  With these systems, the images can be digitally processed and managed. It extends the advantages through the features such as the video analytics and remote access over the networks. Hikvision DVR comes in different types and it comprises of the Turbo HD DVR, Mobile DVR, and Analog DVR etc…

Quality video compression

HD Real time recording

HD-SDI interfaces

Synchronous play back

HDD quota and group management

Cloud service from Hikvision and Smartvue

Hikvision and Smartvue has entered into association, offering cloud based video surveillance and “camera to cloud” solution for business of all sizes. Smartvue’s cutting edge solutions provide customers the access to video surveillance and the storage option through smart phones, tablets and browser. This facility opens new door to accessing the recorded videos, where users can view the happenings live or recorded from any corner of the world. With all the advanced features and functionalities the combined services can deliver an exceptional user-friendly, reliable and scalable cloud surveillance. The solution is well supported by range of Hikvision IP cameras which is equipped with the state of the art intelligence algorithms and technology and low bandwidth.


CCTV Dubai is considered as the specialists in planning and deployment of the CCTV security systems in Dubai. The service we deal includes not only in Dubai but also spanned in the regions of Abu Dhabi, Umm Al Quwain, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Al Ain and Ajman. Surveillance has become a necessity to most of the organizations. Especially in a city like Dubai, employing a complete security system is necessary, which not only increases the productivity but also keep an eye on your assets. With the Hikvision products, CCTV Dubai manages to deliver solutions to all kind of industries such as retail, law, hospital, hotels and more. Apart from the IP cameras and networks Hikvision presents other range of security products as well which can be best utilized for designing a complete CCTV security system in Dubai.

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Hikvision CCTV Over view

In today’s world, it is essential for the business or homes to have their own security policy for protecting the assets, premises, employee theft and much more. Now most have gone on implementing security systems in their premises. However, the prime purpose in implementing the security system should be well addressed and it must cover all the security concerns related to the business. The systems must be well designed and should cover the following elements:

comprehensive coverage of vital assets

it must have measurable goals

As far as the business is concerned the system should be capable of enhancing the productivity

If you have been considered to implement the CCTV security surveillance, it is worth to pick the finest systems available in the market. So with the advanced systems you can have the peace of mind. As a HIKVISION Distributor in Dubai we offer best price offer for our partners as well as our customer. We supply hikvision cctv in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Kaimah, Fujairah and AbuDhabi